Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I think I’m finally over my mental block with the FMQ on my Halloween quilt.  I’ve got the quilt about 3/4 quilted, and while I will finish it for the New Year’s UFO challenge, it will not be done before Halloween is over.

I’m getting a little more comfortable with the quilting.  When I stipple quilt, I don’t use a pattern.  Seeing that this is going to be a pumpkin wall hanging, I wanted to quilt some leaves on the quilt.  I found a pattern, and traced that pattern onto freezer paper, and ironed it to a test piece of fabric and quilted away.  My quilting was a bit jerky and the pattern was a little more complicated than I wanted.  I didn’t think I would like picking out the paper once I was done.  So, I went to plan B.

UFO 003

I used a chalk marker to mark the leaves and stipple loops so I would have a very loose pattern to follow.  I had just finished marking part of the quilt when Red showed up.  He thought it would be a good idea to roll around on the quilt and erase the marks I just made!!

Still, while chalk doesn’t stick around very long, I like being able to erase it with my fingers as I mark the pattern.  So, the quilting is a combination of following the pattern, and trying to quilt without it in areas where I didn’t mark it or it was erased. 

UFO 004  

Here is the whole quilt.  I plan to applique a pumpkin top and stem to it, and cut it in the shape of a pumpkin. 
New Image1

I’m trying to decide on which binding to use.  Do you like the stripe fabric I bought a few weeks ago, or the plaid fabric that you see around the cat blocks?


If you want to see close up pictures of the cat blocks, or get the free pattern, you can click to my previous blog here.

Have a safe and  Happy Halloween, and keep an eye out for the kids on the streets.


  1. Nice job on the quilting. I am not super comfortable with the FMQ either, not yet. I would think that the plaid for binding would help to tie everything in. So I guess that is my vote.

  2. Great idea of melding techniques to suit your taste! marking a little is my way of keeping myself just a little controlled, and not veering off on a tangent while quilting,,,tee hee

    I'm loving the plaid, all the way!

  3. It's looking really nice, I'm going with the plaid also. Patricia

  4. Your quilt is so cute! I really like your quilting, it is wonderful, and the plaid is the perfect finishe.

  5. So cute and you did a great job on the quilting. I like the plaid too cause you've used it around the blocks.

  6. Gosh... everyone has already beat me to the neat things to say ..... so I'll just say, "Atta Girl" ;-)

    The quilt is cool.........

  7. Another vote here for the plaid. That strips is so awesome it can serve as inspiration for it's own quilt.
    Your FMQ is really terrific looking.


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