Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden Harvest!

We harvested the garden last weekWe did pretty well with the gourds, but lost several to the critters.  The deer had some fun with the pumpkins as well.  As some of you will recall, there is a story that goes along with these pumpkins.  Every few years, I go all out and decorate my house with pumpkins, straw, corn, gourds, etc.  Two years ago, I bought several pumpkins and a black cat to decorate with.  I love the goofy look and mismatched eyes on this cat.

Garden 2009 005

In our yard, we have a little “garbage” pile where we throw our leaves, sticks, and other yard waste.  Last year, DH came to me in August and said “remember that $100 you spent on pumpkins last year”?  (I did not spend $100 on pumpkins).  After Halloween, he put the pumpkins in the yard waste pile and the pumpkins made it through a hard Michigan winter and grew new plants without any help on our part.  We got 5 pumpkins out of those plants.  So, we threw them in the yard waste pile again last year.  This year, same result only they were HUGE pumpkins.  They have to be 24-26 inches tall, and are very heavy.

Here are my pumpkins this year.
Garden 2009 001
The gourds that I planted came out pretty cool too.
Garden 2009 002  Garden 2009 003

Garden 2009 004

I just love coming home and seeing this arrangement on my porch.  This year, we’re going to throw the pumpkins and the gourds into the yard waste pile.  We’ll see what happens next year.



  1. with your skill, you are going to get a hybrid, a huge green pumpkin!
    great looking display, I love fall!

  2. Very neat. I saw some white pumpkins this year, I never saw them before. Your porch looks nice.


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