Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost Cold Turkey

Well, I did it.  Lately, my DH hardly ever watches TV anymore.  He spends a lot more time on the internet, and since I started blogging, I don't watch TV as much as I used to.   I started thinking about the $60/month I pay for "expanded cable" TV that I could save or buy other things I'd rather have.   And the cable company justs keeps increasing the bill and doesn't really give you anything more for your money.

So, I told the cable company goodbye.  Well, almost goodbye.  We live far away from the city so that an antenna does not give us very good TV reception.  And, with the TV's that are not digital, we'd have to buy both the digital converter as well as an antenna.  So, since I still like to watch the occasional TV show and local news, we cut back to the cheapest cable available ($22/month).  Just the local channels and PBS.  Of course the cable company doesn't like it when you pick this option.  You have to pay them a $25 fee to come to your house and put a "restrictor" on your cable so you can only see the local channels.  They turned it off last Friday.  So far, I'm ok with the decision.  We'll have to see what happens when I get tired of watching network TV... 

I'm curious, what does everyone else pay for cable TV?



  1. Good for you, I guess we all have to find ways to cut back a bit. No we don't have cable so I am clueless there.

  2. I pay about $100 a month for cable, phone and high speed internet. The boys will never give up all those channels and on demand TV.

    I did give up my satellite radio last month. I was paying $36 a month and I hardly ever listened to it. I will admit, I miss it a wee bit, but I usually get over it fast enough.

  3. Is it o.k. fo me to say, "I don't know?" My husband is "in charge" of that... I do know that we gave up the 3 in 1 package. No more land line phone & we now do our internet through the cell phone company instead of through the cable company. We have more than basic, but we also gave up the movie chanels (HBO, etc.). My husband & I both like BBC America & a few of the other expanded chanels so I doubt that we could go down to local + PBS.

  4. Ouch! We are terribly addicted to expanded TV. I don't know how much we pay, but I think it's nearly a hundred a month for all our TV's and "Tivo"s. We're so bad that we'll set all the TV's to watch the same station and do housework so that no matter what room we're in, we can watch the same show without interruption. I know, it's sad, but it's cheap entertainment for how much we use it. Take care. Lane

  5. As much as I'd like to cut back to basic cable, I'd miss HGTV and the Food Network. I often tune in to those channels instead of broadcast stations. We don't do any of the extra movie channels.

  6. We get whatever our airwaves pick up and since the switch to digital we're getting 5 stations instead of 3. Not a lot of choice but (like you) we aren't big tv watches. Our library has DVDs to take out and we usually check out one or two a week. We also take out audio books which is great when you're sewing.
    SO, our doesnt cost anything... LOTS OF MONEY FOR FABRICS! (wink)


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