Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilt Shows Galore!

It's been a sparse summer for quilt shows. But Fall is almost here and there are many quilt shows in the area. I'm going to try to hit 2 shows this weekend, in Lansing and in Marshall. The quilters at both shows are so talented. Fortunately, both shows run all weekend. For those in the area, here are some of the upcoming shows this month.

Been there before, prefer the Marshall show (same weekend)
September 10-12, 2009
Flint Festival of Quilts
Michigan Quilt Artists Invitational at the Greater Flint Arts Council
Genesee District Library
Court Street Village
Whaley Historical House
Longway Planetarium
Stockton House at the Grove
14th Annual African American Quilter's Guild Show at the Flint Public Library

Big show, I will be going.
September 10-13, 2009
Show Your Colors, MQN Showcase 2009
The Lansing Center, 333 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI

Lovely show, I will be going
September 12-13, 2009
A Quilter's Harvest Cal-Co Quilter's Guild Show
Marshall Activities Center, 15325 W. Michigan Ave., Marshall, MI

Show very small, but the quilt shop in town is wonderful! They usually have their Fall Fest at the same time, which has some interesting things to see. Quaint little town.
September 25-26, 2009
Hadley 5th Annual Quilt Show by the Wednesday Night Gathering of Quilters
Hadley Old Town Hall, 3551 Hadley Road, Metamora, MI
Contact: Elaine Quilty Shop, 810-797-2242

I've never been to this show, wondering if it is worth it?
September 25-27, 2009
The American Sewing Expo
The Rock Financial Showplace, Novi, MI

Lovely little show
October 2-3, 2009
Keepers of Quilting Traditions, 10th Annual Durand Quilt Show
United Methodist Church, Newburg Road, Durand, MI

October 2-3, 2009
Festival of Quilts and Crafts
Dearborn First United Methodist Church, 22124 Garrison, Dearborn, MI
Contact: Claudia Nickel at or Saranne Good at

October 2-3, 2009
Fall into Quilts, Town Hall Quilt Guild Show
First Congregational Church, 5449 Clarkston Rd., Clarkston, MI
Contact: Coleen Merte, 248-303-8410,

I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can post pics. Can't believe the weekend is almost here. I love these short work weeks!


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  1. I do love to look at quilts, but I've avoided the quilting bug. My granny used to quilt with all the stitching by hand. They were beautiful pieces.


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