Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Llamafest, Anyone?

The Labor Day weekend was beautiful here in Michigan, and it was even better when I was able to make it a 4 day weekend. I was checking out some web sites to see if there were any quilt shows, and ran across a posting that said they were having a llamafest at Michigan State last weekend. OK, I'm game. It was free, not too far to drive, and I've always wanted to see these creatures up close. We were headed to Lansing anyway, so DH and I decided to check it out. It was interesting to see the many varieties of llamas.

They had several varieties that were two-tone, spotted.

These little guys were kind of cute.

This guy was kind of cute with his buck tooth sticking out...

And for who love fiber arts, there were several vendors with llama hair for spinning, and beautiful knitted,weaved and other lovely goodies for sale. DH was with me though, so there was no buying going on.

Monday was kind of rainy, so I spent a good part of the day working on my pinwheel quilt. I got 2 side borders put on, and almost all of the applique done on the top border. I have a few more flowers to applique, and I have to figure out the bottom border. After I stitched the first border on, I discovered that the thread was kind of pulling on the fabric. I realized that the tension dial on my machine was wrong. I thought I could ease the thread through the fabric, and iron it smooth. Rip out an entire border? I don't think so. But the quilt has been hanging in my sewing room, and that border is nagging at me. If it doesn't look good now, it probably won't look any better when it is quilted. The perfectionist in me thinks I may have to rip it...

Hope your holiday was wonderful.


  1. I saw some Llamas at a local sale and even some raise them around here. They are sort of funny looking. I sure hope you don't have to tear that border out. Steam maybe? But you probably already thought of that.

  2. If not for my closet overflowing with fleece, I think I'd have gone to this event. Perhaps next year. Maybe by that time, you'll have bought a little drop spindle to give spinning a try for yourself, Quiltluver. You woudn't be the first to convert. Llama and alpaca are wonderful fibers.

    I'm sure that quilting is like knitting and while ripping is never an attractive option, neither is a product that just doesn't look right.


  3. I hate it when I have things that annoy me like that. Deep inside I know I should rip it out, but I guess I think "Maybe it will look better tomorrow." I have tried to use a drop spindle but just could not get the hang of it, Jay does it great. I have to resort to the spinning wheel, but we don't have it anymore.


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