Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marshall Quilt Show Pics

Here are some of the pictures from the Marshall quilt show last week. It was a beautiful show, as always. My favorite, of course, was this Halloween cat quilt

Another Halloween quilt caught my eye...

This quilt was interesting. I had a hard time seeing the cottages unless I stood further back from the quilt. I could really see the outlines through the viewfinder of my camera.

This quilt spoke to me in it's simplicity, and the quilt on the right was nice and bright

Marshall had their annual home tour and other celebrations in conjunction with the quilt show. Across from the Quilts at the Marshall House (a wonderful quilt shop, I might add) was the Civil War reenactment. These guys looked a little warm in those clothes...

If you'd like to see more pictures, you can go to my Flickr pages here.

I looked a little closer at the policies that Flickr has for storing photos. I can load as many photos as I want up to my monthly limit without charge. But I will only see the last 200 photos that were loaded. The earlier photos do not go away or get deleted, and will still show on my blogging posts. Since I have the photos saved, and they stay on my blog posts, I don't need to go back to reference old photos I've already posted. It is a good place for quilt show photos.

I spent part of yesterday marking my Halloween quilt for the FMQ. I can do this FMQ, and yes, I can finish this before Halloween. . .

Take care, and have a great rest of the weekend.



  1. I just love quilt shows. They really inspire me. Your pics on Flickr are great. Some of those quilts were well thought out. Thanks for sharing. DeAnna

  2. I keep saying I can do the FMQ too. It takes quite a bit to get the hang of it and I am coming slowly at it. I really liked the cottage quilt, lots of small square I am sure.


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