Saturday, September 19, 2009

Morning Glories!

When DH planted morning glory seeds at the beginning of the summer, we had no expectations. We'd never tried planting from seeds before, so we figured we would just water regularly, and see what happens. OMG! The morning glories are beautiful. I find myself checking the deck each morning before I go to work to see the flowers. Here are some pictures.

The large sunflower seeds finally bloomed. Does anyone know if we can collect seeds to plant for next year, and how that works?

And we have a watermelon! Imagine that!! The pumpkin is from the self-seeding in the composte pile from last year, and it is entirely God's doing. We didn't do anything to the pumpkin patch except watch it grow. There are 4 large beauties, just like this one. The pumpkins we did plant didn't do much...

I never knew how much fun it was to watch these things grow!!

Take care,


  1. I imagine that if the birds and squirrels left you any sunflower seeds, you could save them to plant, but don't take my word for it.

    The flowers are stunning!

  2. Wow. What fertile land you have!! I can't grow anything is this Georgia clay. It is fun to watch plants grow and produce. The pumpkin looks ready to pick. I've dried the sunflower seed heads before then stored them in a paper bag then used the seeds for bird food for the winter, then planted some in the spring. You really get a lot of seeds from one head. I just let them dry open on a shelf in the garage then stuck them in the paper bag until needed.

  3. Hey, Karen. Love your morning glories. Many of them are self seeding, so you may get some next year without having to plant. Someone near here planted some in a creek bed and every year, they are more beautiful. The sunflowers depend on whether your original seeds had been genetically altered. The seed companies have started making them produce sterile seeds so you have to come back and buy every year. But, hang the heads upside down and let them dry and hang from a tree in winter. The birds will have a feast. Lane


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