Friday, September 18, 2009

I am a computer problem magnet!

Is there a sign on my back that says "kick me"? Why do people think it's funny to make up a stupid program to give other people trouble with their computers? I just got my computer back, for what, one week? And bam! A computer virus. I was on a quilting blog site looking at quilts when I got it. For 3 days I tried everything to get my menu bar back again. Kind of hard to do anything when you can't get to the start bar or desktop. Finally, I gave in and DH reformatted my hard drive, again. . . Oh well, I'll just have to start over. At least I still have all my backups from the last computer problem.

I missed a lot of blogs while I was down. I'll have to catch up with everyone this weekend. The good news is I was able to save the quilt pics from last week's quilt shows, so I'll get those posted.

Question for everyone--what program do you use for online picture hosting? I was using Flickr, and found out when I was trying to save the quilt show pics that I've reached my "free" limit, and now they want me to start paying because I was at my 200 picture limit. Are there any good "free" sites out there that will let you load more than a few pictures before they start charging?

Looking forward to the weekend. The weather here in Michigan is classic fall weather. Beautiful days, cool nights, low humidity. Had to turn the furnace on last night for the first time, and even then, I was still a little cold. Should be a good weekend for enjoying the outdoors.

Have a good one.


  1. Don't you just hate this computer thing??? Can't live without them, can't make them work. And, it makes me feel so old when my daughter knows exactly what to do. Glad you have your backups. I was using and never reached a limit. It was incredibly easy. Course, now that I'm using blogspot, I haven't had to use an extra site. I can go directly from my computer to my blog, so long as I save an extra copy of the pic in a smaller size. Take care. Lane

  2. I think the virus problem with the computers is getting worse. Makes me want a Mac. Anyway, I use photobucket when I want to do something. There are a lot of them you can download for free too. cnet and tucows are good safe sites to download from.Kim Komando is a good site to go to for finding out safe sites etc.

  3. dont tell anyone but I too use photobucket and my quilt one is at 95% so I opened another account same name with a 2. It is not count the number of photos but the size, I have thousands and I can manipulate them too. I love to tweak and decorate pictures. (I also have a site for my business) I think you just have to have an email addy for each group you open.

  4. So sorry about your computer issues and glad you are back up a running.

  5. Been using Kaspersky anti virus for a number of years now, and I would recommend this product to all of you.


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