Monday, July 27, 2009

Pinwheel quilt

Thanks, everyone, for the border suggestions on my pinwheel quilt. To answer a few of your questions, no, I only have a small amount of green fabric. I ran out, and that's how I ended up using a different fabric for the outer edge. At the time, I wasn't happy about running out, but now I think that was a good thing. It made it more interesting. But, I don't have very much of the outer green fabric left either, so don't think I'll be able to do much with that remaining fabric either.

I like Cheryl's suggestion of adding a black and pink border. Although it is not easy to see, the outer green triangles are a print with black and white flowers. I'm also toying with the idea of an appliqued border at the top of the quilt. I wasn't thinking when I put this together, and it is more square than I'd like it to be. I'm thinking something simple, like what they did in this picture from the quilt show I recently went to. I think I have enough green fabric for the vines.

In addition to the pinwheel blocks, my grandmother also left behind 2 finished quilt tops, a set of dresden plate blocks on white muslin, and a set of sunbonnet sue on muslin, along with many pieces cut and ready for assembly. I'm going to look to see if there are some fabrics I can use for the border of the pinwheel quilt. One of these days, I will get them out and take some pictures. In the mean time, I don't think of these unfinished blocks as UFO's...I have enough pressure with my own UFO's.

Speaking of UFO's, I think it's time to pull out my Halloween UFO. I'll do some pictures tomorrow if my DH doesn't take my computer away to be fixed...

Take care, Karen


  1. Whatever you do with the borders on the pinwheel quilt it will be nice. That Dresden plate quilt is gorgeous.

  2. The pinwheel quilt will be great--your work always is. I love the quilting in the center of the plates, it makes them look like sunflowers, what a neat concept. Very pretty quilt.


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