Sunday, July 26, 2009

I finished it!

I've been working on my pinwheel quilt a little bit each weekend, and I finally finished it yesterday. I say finished, but I'm not whether sure it is done or not. I've been thinking about a border, perhaps a piano key border in blacks and whites. I don't have any black/white stash. It would be a chore, but I'd probably have to go to the quilt store and buy some fabric ;)

Here is the (un-ironed) quilt top.

My helper had to test it out.

Since you all inspired me to get this top done, I'm asking what would you do?

Would you stop where it is or would you put a border on it? What kind of border would you put on it? What color border would you do? The picture looks like it is blue green, but it is actually a green 30's reproduction color.

Looks like we're going to have another day of rain so maybe I'll pull out another UFO, perhaps try to finish my Halloween wall hanging before Halloween!

Hope your day is a good one.


  1. I'd probably add a border. I'd use something with multiple colors in the repro fabrics, something bold, but geometric with just a little of the green. I love the quilt. It looks so vintage! Take care. Lane

  2. Okay, my thoughts are different than anybody else's will be. I would use a dark green textured fabric. But that's just me 8>)

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  4. Dang.. Molly beat me here :-0

    Oh yes... it needs a border but I really can't help with what pattern/color.. I do lean toward solid colored borders though. I will tell you the Pinwheel quilt is one of my favorte patterns. I love yours and the finished product is going to be a `keeper'.

    The cat ain't bad either ;-)


  5. I really like that. I might just be tempted to not put a border on it. Naturally, I would be an odd ball with that.


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