Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I’m sooo thankful that we managed to dodge most of the big storm moving throughout most of the country.  We got a few inches of snow that promptly went away with warmer temps and rain.  We are getting the really high winds, though.  I asked DH if he has the generator all ready to go in case we lose power and he said we’re all set.

Of course, this would be nice too, with a good book…
Checking the blogs, I can’t believe how many giveaways are going on in blogland.   Click here for a link to one I just had to enter (on 5 different blogs) to win a new HP computer.  It’s a touch screen computer and it really looks neat.

I found the cutest baby quilt called Hugs and Kisses from Quilt Patterns from Seattle   She has a download for a free pattern on her website.  She has a lot of free quilt patterns.  I love the scrappy maple leaf quilt and the autumn in the southwest quilt.

DH sent me this email yesterday. 
Elvis, When he was really "The King" - Martina McBride was digitally dropped in to this track in 2008.
Amazing, simply amazing how good this is, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  It’s a pretty cool video…Click on link below.
Elvis - Born January 08, 1935. Died August 16, 1977
Martina - Born July29, 1966 -

Well, it’s off to bed, or as my father used to say, it’s time to go to the blanket show. 


  1. Funny my father in law used to say it is time to hit the roost.

  2. Glad you dodged the worst of the weather. It's snowing here again this morning and it's still windy.

  3. I also love that scrappy maple leaf quilt. I'm hoping to use up some scraps next year and this would be a great way. Stay warm. Lane


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