Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Recipe!!

  • Take one dumb cat who thinks it’s ok to chew on fake Christmas garland. 
  • Said dumb cat then vomits on the carpet.
  • Dumb cat then hides all day sleeping in odd places, not wanting to socialize.
  • Dumb cat won’t eat or drink, even after stupid humans open several packages of food and treats to entice him.
  • Stupid humans go out and buy a thermometer and actually manage to get a "normal" temperature reading (you don’t want to know how). 
  • Worry a lot about your sick fur baby.
  • Wake up to stupid cat chewing on the garland again.
  • Take down Christmas garland at 4:00 am
  • Head for 24 hour vet clinic at 5:30 am on Sunday
  • Vet’s office first words “you realize we are on emergency hours”
  • Translation:  We are going to charge you ridiculous prices to look at your cat.  We know you are desperately worried at this hour and will pay any price.
  • Go wake up the vet who sleeps at said office just for “emergencies”.
  • X-Rays, office visit, antibiotics for a slightly elevated temperature, anti-nausea medicine, hydrate cat with fluids $275.  But the follow up vet visit is free (I know, it just warms the heart)
  • Thank God there was no obstructions or surgery needed.  Stupid cat!
  • Cute cat picture:  Priceless
Red at vets
I guess that’s my Christmas present. . .


  1. Oh My!!!! Substitute "goofy puppy" for "dumb cat" and you have my biggest fear this Christmas.
    Yesterday I found him chewing on a polar fleece cardigan, and one of the buttons was gone. (I can only imagine where it went.) He's been acting perfectly fine since, though. Lucky.

    I'm so glad kitty is okay.

  2. Kids and pets, ya just never know do ya. Comical if you don't have to pay the bill.

  3. Oh Karen, you just love them to death and would do anything for them. Then they repay you by doing something dumb like this, go figure. I hope 'dumb kitty' is okay. So the tree comes down on Christmas Day huh?

  4. awwww... he looks like he's worth every penny. And a free follow up visit is nothing to sneeze at. Cost me $1450 ro have my root canal and another $50 for a follow up visit. Maybe I'll start using a vet instead of doctors and dentists *LOL*


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