Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spring Ahead/Fall Back

So, I’ve been teasing you with Favorite Fabric Friday pictures from my quilt so I thought I would post pictures of the entire quilt.  I made this quilt in 2004 when I first started quilting.  This is a reversible quilt that was made using the quilt as you go method.  I loved this method because as you sew the strips down, you are creating both sides of the quilt as well as the quilting and sashing.  When you are finished with the quilt, all you have to do is sew down one side of the sashing, do the binding, and you’re done. 

I had signed up for a class at the LQS, and knew I wanted to make a blue and yellow quilt.  I spent hours looking for the right blue and yellow fabric that would go with the first fabric I fell in love with as shown here
  Fabric Friday 019 (2)
I spent all that time looking for the blue and yellow fabric that I kind of forgot about getting fabric for the other side.  I arrived for class 1/2 hour early and started picking out fabrics for the other side.

I found this focus floral fabric.
Fabric Friday 018
I quickly found several fall color fabrics to go with it.  This was the days before I had any stash and had to buy fabric for each quilt I made (those were the days, eh?)  After I got the quilt made, then I had a dilemma in that I had such different fabrics for the front and back that it was difficult to find a binding that would match both sides.  I ended up with a green binding and even that was difficult to match the green color.

  Here is the back of the quilt.

Here is the front of the quilt.  It looks much better up close than it does in the picture.
This shows both sides
Quilt 101

Funny how I spent all of that time looking for blue and yellow fabrics, and now I find that the back side with the fall colors is my favorite side.  Which side do you like?

I named the quilt Spring Ahead/Fall Back for the daylight savings time change.  I’ve been thinking about this because the recent time change has been kicking my butt.  I am still waking up an hour earlier than I need to even though I go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Coming home in the dark doesn’t make it any easier, and work has been a bit busy.  So I’m seem to be exhausted during the week.  Thank goodness for the weekends when I can catch up with a few naps here and there.  OMG, I must be getting old…

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Another (mostly) great weather weekend here in Michigan. I can’t believe it is still so warm in the middle of November.



  1. Both sides are very pretty! I love the title you gave it too.
    Ah yes, the days when you had to buy all the fabric you needed for a quilt. I can barely remember them. LOL!

  2. I love both sides, too, but the blue and yellow speaks to me right now. It's so sunny looking.


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