Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shop Hop Quilts

I started quilting about 7 years ago. I've always been into different crafts, and I have loved to look at quilts since I started making annual trips to Shipshewanna in the early 90's with my girlfriends. I had a stressful job in 2002 that was taking up a lot of my time back then, and decided that I needed some balance in my life. My husband bought me a used sewing machine, and I signed up for a shop hop and my first quilt class at the same time. I had no idea of what a shop hop was. My mother and I went on the shop hop and had a lot of fun collecting fabrics for their progressive quilt and for my first quilt, a rail fence quilt. I had done some sewing before, but never on a quilt. When I got this pattern, I had to look up applique and try to figure out how to make the quilt. I bought some Wonder Under, not knowing that there were different weights you could buy. I bought the stiffest, heaviest stuff and couldn't figure out why my new sewing machine was giving me fits with the gummed up needles! Anyway, this is my first quilt. It hangs in my hallway. It doesn't exactly hang straight, but I'm proud of it anyway since I made it without any help or classes.

I continued to go on shop hops each year, and continued collecting fabrics for the progressive quilts. Sad to say, only the first quilt was ever finished. The 2nd quilt has a finished top, and I started to quilt it, but never finished the quilting. I think I'll try to finish that UFO next after I finish the Halloween quilt. I don't have a picture of this quilt. The ladies at the LSQ are quite talented, and have designed all of the shop hop quilts.

This is one of the UFO's I was working on earlier this year, before I got bored making the same blocks over and over again. It is very pretty, not the typical bright colors I usually choose.

I was looking for a tote bag the other day to put my pinwheel quilt in to take to the LQS to find some fabric for the borders. I am quite embarassed to admit what I found in the tote bag. I had purchased this at the shop hop 2 years ago. I found the fabric in the tote bag, and I couldn't even remember when I had purchased the fabric. I had to open several of the kits to figure out what the quilt looked like. Now, I don't know whether I want to make this quilt any longer. I'm thinking about just adding the fabric to my stash.

What do you think?

This is last year's shop hop quilt. While I think it is very cute, this one just didn't call me enough to buy the fabric. I had decided that I wasn't going to buy another shop hop quilt until I finished some of my UFO's.

Hope you enjoyed the show.



  1. My vote is put it in the stash, my addy to mail it all too is...... just kidding- the top is interesting but a bit dated. The bottom quilt is laid out very interesting(ly). I might interpert that one and applique a few butterflies or flowers instead. For some reason I seem to be headed in a less traditional setting direction. Also need to do a really cool B&W. thanks for sharing cw

  2. Put the fabric in your stash, you never know what you may come across. You will find one you just have to make. If the design doesn't excite you then you won't do it. I like the one with the flowers in it and think that will be nice finished. Your first quilt is super.


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