Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden update

Those of you who followed myquiltblog may remember the story of the pumpkins that we threw out in the compost pile two years ago, and they self-seeded into pumpkin plants the next year. Well, we did it again last year, and here is the result. We have several pumpkins!

This pumpkin is pretty large. All we need now is for it to change colors. But I don't want it to be ready too early...

This year, we intentionally planted several varieties of pumpkins and gourds. The result is mixed. There are several plants with flowers, but I don't know if they'll have time enough to grow. We'll see.

We also planted these morning glories. No flowers yet, but it sure is interesting to see the way the plants grow and attach itself to the arbor that we placed behind the pot.

We have several tall sunflower plants, and the big yellow flowers are not ready yet. But the darker-colored sunflowers are lookin' good!

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