Friday, August 21, 2009

Mystery Solved

One of the keys to a good marriage, at least in our house, is two bathrooms. I have mine, and he has his. This morning, my husband went to his bathroom to use the shower, and had this to say:

Him: Dear, have you been in my bathroom today?

Me: Anticipating some sort of accusation since there are only two people in this house, No...

Him: You need to see this.

Me: Thinking why do I want to get up to see something in the bathroom? I reluctantly go the bathroom and see

The scale in the middle of the doorway.

What the ??

Me: I didn't move that scale. What are you thinking, I'm trying to tell you something? hmmm

Him: Oh, here's the cause as he lifts the tiny dead tree frog out of the corner where the scale usually sits.

Redford: (or Buster, we don't know) Dude, that was fun!!

Me: How in the world were they strong enough to move that scale??

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  1. That is so funny. Sometimes you just wonder, don't you?


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