Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dexter Quilt Show

First, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes on my health.  The shingles rash is healing with the help of some steroids, although the hot flashes from the steroids are still working overtime.

It was a humid, rainy weekend.  Perfect for going to a quilt show or two.  Mom and I went to the quilt show in Dexter on Saturday and enjoyed our lunch in a nice smoke-free bar (thanks to the new Michigan law banning smoking in restaurants that went into effect on Saturday).  Although I love going to quilt shows, and appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting one together, I have to say that quilt shows in churches are not my favorite venue.  I prefer to see the full size quilts, and be able to look at them up close rather than having them draped over church pews that you have to view from the aisle in rather dim lighting.  This show was more about older quilts, and had a collection of older Sunbonnet Sue quilts.  There was also an exhibition of someone who must have been a treasured member of the guild or church who had several beautiful quilts that were all hand made.

  This was one of them, apparently the quilter’s first quilt!!

Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 018

This was another one, in the most beautiful shade of soft yellow

Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 027

This one was cute, an entire quilt made about weight loss
Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 024  

Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 022
Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 023

Sunbonnet Sue
Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 021

Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 019
I love the typical Amish colors in this one
Dexter & Midland quilt show 2010 025

I did make it to the Midland quilt show, so I’ll get those pictures in the next blog.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 


  1. The 'first' quilt looks like a fun first quilt! I love local shows b/c I get to see the talent in the area. Even thought most of the quilts are older and family keepsakes it is neat to see the fabrics and patterns of yester-year.
    I always seem to find something 'new-to-me'. cw

  2. Beautiful quilts. Love the Sue's, I always like Sunbonnet Sue quilts. Glad your feeling better.


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