Sunday, April 11, 2010

It’s been a while…

I’ve been fighting a cold all week, my 2nd one in a month.  Thought it was allergies, but the lack of energy and body aches convinced me it was another cold.  Ughhh.  So, I took Friday off and just slept a lot this weekend.  I am finally feeling better, well-rested and ready to start a new week.  I did actually get a little quilting in.  I sewed a few rows on my New York Beauty quilt.  One more row to sew and then I can start sewing the rows together.  I am very pleased with how it is turning out.

A few weeks ago, I went to my first quilt show of the year.  It was one of those beautiful spring days with lots of sunshine.  A little cold, but warm enough to walk around downtown Marshall where the quilt show was held.  Here are some of the  pictures.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I forgot my camera and had to use the phone camera.

Marshall quilt show 012
It is unusual to see this pattern in black and white, but I like it.

There were several antique quilts
Marshall quilt show 007

Marshall quilt show 005

Marshall quilt show 004

Marshall quilt show 006

Marshall quilt show 008  
 I had seen this quilt at another show, and I was glad to see it again.

Marshall quilt show 009

Marshall quilt show 001

Marshall quilt show 002

These ducks are so cute!

Marshall quilt show 014

Marshall quilt show 021
 I love the colors in this one.

Marshall quilt show 023   
This was my favorite quilt.  Sorry it is so blurry.  
  Marshall quilt show 025
This picture shows the detail that went into this quilt. 

Marshall quilt show 028

Marshall quilt show 027
A quilt how wouldn’t be complete without a cat quilt!

Marshall quilt show 029   
I love these hats
Marshall quilt show 030

Marshall quilt show 032
This one made me smile!

Hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. Wow, what an awesome quilt show! I like the black and white one too and I'm not a black and white type person. When you feel yucky I believe it's time to farm :0) It doesn't take so much concentration

  2. Both of those house quilts are keepers!! Where was the show? Maybe we could meet up at a show sometime?


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