Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catchin’ Up

Life has been a bit crazy lately.  The company I work for has changed owners (for the 5th time in 15 years).  Things are getting busy as we change focus, systems and procedures from a public company back to a private company.  I had a quick business trip to Chicago  last week, and the next 3 months are going to be quite busy.  Not complaining.  Change keeps things interesting, and I’m grateful to have a job.  Let’s hope I can survive any corporate downsizing.

On the quilty front, I’ve been doing quite a bit of quilting over the last 3 months.   Was pleased to get my Halloween quilt done (thanks for all the lovely comments and to all that voted for me), and am getting back to work on my French Braid quilt.  I’ve also been to a few quilt shows in the past month.  Here are some pictures from the Grand Rapids quilt show last month.

I thought this double wedding ring was so unique with their choice of background fabric.  You usually don’t see a large print like on this particular quilt.  Aren’t the colors gorgeous?
Grand Rapids 2010 033
I love picture quilts.
Grand Rapids 2010 014

I love this fall quilt.
Grand Rapids 2010 018
This was a whole cloth quilt that was later filled in with colored pencils.  The quilting is stunning.
Grand Rapids 2010 017

I love the colors on this one…
Grand Rapids 2010 012 
Another gorgeous use of color…
Grand Rapids 2010 020
Love this hankie quilt, and great quilting.
Grand Rapids 2010 006

And, of course, a cat quilt to make me smile
Grand Rapids 2010 005
Hope you enjoyed the show.  I may be a bit scarce over the next few months.  I do try to catch up with everyone’s blogs on the weekends.  Even if I’m not commenting, I still enjoy reading your blogs.  Take care. 


  1. I love the quilts. Good luck over the next few months. I just experienced the thing within the last year, so I understand what you are going through. Robin

  2. I love those quilts with the rich jewel tones. Gorgeous.

    Hope all is well with your job. Fingers crossed. Toes, too.

  3. thanks for the eye candy and the catch up post. hang in there and enjoy this new phase of your career. cw

  4. LOVE the quilts, that double wedding ring is quite lovely with the fabric choices! Hey, I recognize that kitty cat pattern, lol - wonderful!

  5. Thanks for taking us to the quilt show with you - loved the pictures!!

  6. I really like that hanky quilt. Also the one using the colored pencils. I've done that technique and it is pretty time consuming, but beautiful when finished.

  7. Thank you for sharing the pics, some beautiful quilts there. Really, loved your Halloween quilt too. Bernie

  8. Did you take a picture of a Beatle's quilt at Grand Rapids?


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