Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shipshewana, part 2

Continuing on our trip around Shipshewana from the previous blog, we decided to ignore Mrs. GPS after we left the quilt show in Topeka.  We turned right, and she said “re-calc-u-lating” in that snotty voice of hers, so I turned around and went left.  Again with the re-calc-u-lating so I turned right again!! (see Shirley’s blog for more funny stuff about the GPS). I knew from working on the MapQuest that we just needed to head north and we should come out somewhere near Shipshewana.

We came out exactly where we needed to stop at the Little Helpers Quilt Shop.  This store was not on the shop hop, but has been a favorite of mine whenever I’m in the area.  It is a store built on an Amish farm, and they have some very beautiful quilts and other assorted hand made items for sale.  We must have been hungry for lunch as we both ended up with a jar of apple butter.  This one is a little different because it is flavored with red hot candies. It is pretty tasty!  Anyone know what the difference is between apple sauce and apple butter?  Tastes the same to me.

misc 003

Next stop, Essenhaus.  Yessss, finally some lunch with some of the chicken they are famous for, finished off with a shared slice of red raspberry chocolate pie.  I won’t torture you with any pictures (don’t have any pics), well, maybe a little torture with a description of a smooth chocolate pie (think French Silk pie) with fresh raspberries and whipped cream on top.

Full of sugar and ready to go, we went to the next quilt shop, appropriately named, The Quilt Shop at Essenhaus.  It was there that I decided to go crazy and buy fabrics for the shop hop quilt.  I just fell in love with this quilt, the colors and fabric that this quilt shop used.  Here is a picture of the quilt

What was I thinking?  I already have so many UFO’s!!  I do love the soft green, pink and black floral fabrics.  Next stop, the quilt garden at Essenhaus. 

And finally, to Shipshewana and the quilt show (and two of my favorite shops, Lolly’s and Yoders).  This was a juried show, and the quilts were amazing.
The quilting on this one was gorgeous.

a closer look
I bought this pattern a few years ago.  It's on my to-do list

I like this basket weave pattern.

I like the colors and the checkerboard pattern on this quilt.

So colorful!  Reminds me of my NYB quilt.

I’m drawn to pictorial quilts
Love the quilting on the bear quilt
I don’t want this post to take too long to load with all of these pics, so I’ll stop here and post more in the next few days.  Have a great weekend.  Looks like the weather is going to be beautiful!


  1. First of all change your GPS to the British girl. That's what we did. She's too polite to get snarky. You just have to get used to using the "motorway" instead of the freeway. She does recalculate but that's cause she doesn't know some areas as well as we do and we take her our way and ignore her recalculations. She's smart too. She remembers the next time and takes us that way automatically. I love the quilting on that first quilt too, it's amazing. Wonder how they do that.

  2. I love that blue and white quilt. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Good for you. Don't feel badly about the fabric. Think instead that you're doing what you can for the economy. Such a good little quilter!

  3. What fun! The quilts are great. We have similar taste, love the shop hop quilt too. Its not a UFO until you actually cut into and start piecing it and put it away in a container on a shelf somewhere LOL. Bernie


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