Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day

We were in a restaurant today having a late lunch, and I mentioned to my DH about the cute post that Linda at The Quilting Cat wrote about her beautiful cat, Piwacket, and the fact that it is National Pi day.  You know, Pi, the math equation?   So, what do you think he does when we leave the restaurant?  He stops at the Grand Traverse Pie Company to buy a pie.   Silly man, it’s not that kind of Pie day!!

Now, if you’ve never had a pie from this place, it is heavenly.  It is better than any homemade pie I’ve ever had.  It is a company based in Traverse City, home of the cherry capital.  So, of course, we had to have their very special cherry crumb pie, made with Montmorency Tart cherries from Traverse City, Michigan.

From Wikipedia, The Montmorency cherry is a variety of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) grown in the United States, Canada and France, particularly in Michigan and in Door County, Wisconsin.[1] Montmorency cherries are part of the lighter-red amarelle cultivar of sour cherries, rather than the darker red Morello cultivar. The tree produces large, light red fruit (although some trees produce a darker red fruit) and has been cultivated in the United States since at least the early 20th century.[3] It is the most popular sour cherry in the United States and Canada, and is extensively used in cherry pies,[4] as well as in jams and preserves.  Montmorency cherries are also marketed in dried form,[5] and Montmorency cherry juice and juice concentrate is also sold.[6][7]

In checking their website, I see that they also offer sugar free pies, pies made with Splenda, and some interesting combinations like Cherry Peach, Cherry Apple, Blackberry Peach etc.  I had no idea they had so many varieties of pies.  Maybe that’s a good thing. . .   I knew they had been growing and adding several locations in Michigan, but it looks like they are also shipping pies all over the country.  Apparently, even Oprah thinks their pies are special because they are featured in her magazine.

So here’s to having your dessert first, and forget any plans for dinner.  Have you had your pie today??  I hope it was a good one.!!


  1. Oh! I just went there last weekend for dessert! They have the best pie ever! I was at the one on Center Rd. in Burton!

  2. I'm hungry.. wonder if they ship to Canada. I'd love some of that cherry pie. Sounds delicious. I love your background by the way.

  3. Cherry pie is my favorite. We have a GT Pie company right down the street. I can only go if I only order a piece of pie--never the whole pie ;-)

  4. Do you know how much I love you? LOTS AND LOTS!! I should make a trip up to visit you and Regina so we can all eat pie together.

  5. Fresh cherries , cherry pie , cherry jam , mmmmm----------cottonreel


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