Thursday, June 25, 2009

What other blogs do you read?

There are several blogs that I follow on a regular basis. Since I love to look at quilts, many are quilt related. Some are former myquiltblog contributors who've gone to another blog. Some are funny.

I stumbled on to this pair of blogs several months ago. I don't know if the same person does both blogs, but they seem to compete with each other to see which one will be the funniest. Here are the links.
Honestly, where do people come up with these ideas? And where do they get these pictures?

This is another funny blog about funny looking cakes that people find in bakeries:

What prompted me to write this blog today was that I checked in with one of my favorite blog writers, and found the most georgous pictures with the very cute captions and commentary. This woman lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and has the most beautiful pictures of her life on the farm. There are lots of different sections to her blog that I find fascinating to read. Here is the link to today's blog. She changes her blog every day, so if you miss today's posting, it is worth it to go back and look at it.

Hope you enjoy what you see. What blogs do you find interesting?

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