Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Quilt Finished!!

I am so happy to report that after 2 years of trying to complete my Halloween quilt in time to be shown for Halloween that it’s done!!  The last few weekends have found me finishing the FMQ that I’ve been struggling with, completing the binding, and adding the leaves to make it look like a pumpkin.

Here is the full size quilt:
Halloween quilt 002
I entered my quilt into the Quilt Gallery contest to win a fat quarter bundle.  So if you like my quilt, can you take a minute to please vote for my quilt?  Here’s the link:

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Commute

Over 30 years ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to “live in the country”.  So we moved to a small town that was a half-hour to an hour drive from several large suburbs.  This was the start of my career in commuting.  On a good day, my commute is 45 minutes one-way, about 35 miles.  On a typical day, it is about an hour.  We don’t even want to talk about what happens when it snows…

Generally, on a federal holiday as we had yesterday, the commute is pretty light.  I was about 10 minutes into my commute yesterday when traffic came to a complete stop.  We then proceeded to crawl along for another 10 minutes before I could see some flashing lights ahead.  I crawled along for another 5 minutes before I saw a state police car in the middle of three lanes.  The car was pulled sideways, blocking the lane so we had to move to either shoulder to pass.

As I got closer to the police car, I could see something on the ground on the other side of the car.  There were no other mangled cars in the area.  As I went around the car, I looked and saw a dog that looked like a yellow lab laying on his side.  I also saw a Michigan State Trooper sitting cross-legged on the pavement stroking the dog. 

dog trooper
That image of the trooper sitting on the ground stayed in my head for quite a while.  It was so sad.  All day long I wondered if the poor dog was ok.  Today, the local paper had the story.  The dog was darting in and out of traffic, and people were swerving.  The trooper managed to block the highway and get close enough to the dog to attach a hitch to his collar.  The dog was scared, tired, and his paws were bleeding and hurt from the pavement.  A passer-by stopped to help with a blanket.  The dog is being treated by a local vet and will be ok.  The word is going out to find the owners, but if they are not found, others have offered to take the dog.

HAPPY ENDING!!   Thank you, Michigan State Police Trooper Deanne Oswald-DeBottis.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pioneer Days

Today was one of those fall days that one remembers fondly when we’re in the middle of winter with snowstorm after snowstorm.  It has been a long time since we’ve had such a beautiful, crisp and clear sunny day.  The fall colors were in full display as we took a little drive to enjoy the day.  I had seen a notice for Pioneer Days at a historical village. 

Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-19
Now, this place is in the middle of a very rural area, and we were amazed as we drove up and saw how many cars and people were there.  They have over 150 volunteers for this annual event, which benefits the historical society that preserves this lovely farm. 

Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-3 
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-5
There were lots of people in Civil War period costume demonstrating the various crafts and tasks from that era.

Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-7
They had a quilt set up for a quilting bee…
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-9
A little spinning…
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-11

A little weaving…
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-14
Some beer making… (see the beautiful trees and lovely blue sky?)
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-17
This little crib was in the kitchen of the historical house.
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-13

These goats were awfully cute. The kids were having lots of fun!
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-15
Cute lambs…
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010 002 
They had lots of produce, pies, jams, pumpkins, and other assorted food as well as crafts for sale.  These had a tag that said these were snake cucumbers.  I’ve never heard of them!
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-21
A little music…
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-22

I bought some wool for my Halloween pumpkin quilt.
Waterloo Pioneer Days 2010-23
Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I wish my Canadian friends a blessed, Happy Thanksgiving.